Our new sound is ‘oa’ as in goat. I hope you enjoy the story of Toad and Goat.


Can you think of a funny sentence with ‘oa’ words in it? Blog it below.:)


I hope you are all having a happy Easter break. If you want to get blogging then feel free to share your holiday fun with the class.

18.03.13 Magic e or Silent e

We will learn to read and spell: make, like, made. We will focus on magic e and how it jumps over other letters to make the vowels say their name and not their sound, so cap becomes cape and not becomes note.

These short clips will help to embed this tricky spelling rule.

Magic e song

Jolly Phonics Short and Long Vowels Songs

Good idea for a magic e game with parent and child.

Blog any magic e words you know below? Does your name have a magic e? If so blog that too please.

Book Review
We read lots of books this week. One I particularly enjoyed had the title, Little Mouse. The author was Alison Murray. My favourite character was the giraffe. The book had lots of great words and the illustrations were beautiful. The little girl did not want to be her mum’s little mouse as she thought she was brave like a lion. When she was sleepy she cuddled up to her mum and decided sometimes it was good to be a little mouse.

Which animal would you like to be and why? Blog your answer below.

Write a book review of you favourite book if you have time.


Next week we are learning ‘wh’ as in what, where, when, whale.
‘W’ and ‘wh’ are easily mixed up by children.
Pop your hand in front of your mouth and say w, you will feel a faint wind on your hand. Do the same with wh and you should feel a strong wind.
Ask your child to say which and witch, can they hear and feel the difference?

Try to read these words?

Can you find any wh words in your home or outside? Share them with the class below please.

Geraldine the giraffe is learning the ch sound.
Can you?

116 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Where is my Barcelona football strip? It’s not in my bedroom.

    Shaun Smith


    • I hope you enjoyed the fayre Lauren.

      I am going to a Skipathon in St.Bernadette’s school!


    • I hope a big bear is not looking for your hat like in that story we read!

      Yes, I was at the fair. It was a great day.


  2. Where are my skylanders?
    Were you good or bad today?
    Where were my toys hidden?


    • Super questions!
      I hope you find your Skylanders Patrick.
      I was quite a good girl today. Thank you for asking!


    • Super sentences Nathan. I noticed that you used the words to and two correctly.Clever!


  3. They call me Shaunie boy
    And what I enjoy is
    Playing with my Star Wars toy.


  4. I am a boy
    I have a friend called Roy
    And two little sisters I like to annoy.

    Nathan W.


  5. I liked the magic e song. We found lots of magic e words at home.
    and of course Carey!


  6. I liked the pandas book. I like the girl feeding the baby panda. I didn’t like the men cutting down the bamboo. Corey


  7. The book I read this week was The Scaredy Cat. The author was Russel Punter. At the start of the book Stanley is scared of everything. I liked the part when he thinks he is frightened by a ghost in the bathroom. Stanley then manages to overcome his fears and stop a burglar to save the day. Mariyah


    • This is a very grown up book Mariyah. Thank you for sharing the book in class. Mrs Cully


  8. I would like to be a butterfly because I can then fly to anywhere I want to! Mariyah


  9. I have read Pandas. Pandas are black and white. They are big and eat bamboo. Lauren


  10. I read the book “Pandas” by Emma Lynch. I liked to learn all about the pandas and loved the photos of them, especially the photo of the pandas cuddling. I thought it was cute to see the baby panda being fed by a bottle as I have a toy one that I feed with a bottle. I did not like to hear that the bamboo trees are being cut down and that the pandas might be hungry.


    • Luke, this is a fabulous book review! You also read this review to the class very clearly. 🙂


  11. Last night we went to Edinburgh for dinner because it was my dad’s birthday.


  12. There are lots of sheep at the end of my road and they are very woolly. Nathan W


    • Super ee word Shaun. Bees are good, we need them in the world.
      Have a look at the ‘Other Curricular Areas’ page for some photos of our orchard activities. We will need bees to help our fruit trees.


    • Hi Rhianna,
      Thank you for all those brilliant ‘wh’ words. It is great to hear from you.
      Mrs Cully 🙂


  13. I went to the dentist today because I need to get a check up every six months.


    • Where is that white whale which was swimming before because I never see anymore ? from Shaun


    • That sounds like great fun Nathan. A super sentence with becausein it.
      Do you remember our spelling trick?
      Big elephants can always understand small elephants.


    • Wow! I would love to do that too. It’s a shame there are no dolphins in Larbert.
      Super ph word.


    • A super word Mariyah and we will be looking at the Fairy tale of Rapunzel this week. The film ‘Tangled’ is based on the Rapunzel story!


    • I thought you would like the Angelina book! You enjoyed the Steet dancing during Health Week too.


    • Super Shaun. I had my dinner then checked the blog. I was delighted to see so many comments.


    • An excellent sentence with the cool connective. I love the Singing Kettle too, perhaps we could learn some Scottish songs from them too.


  14. Yak lost the pants when he was flying . Then he swims to find them. Shaun


  15. I went to Nana’s then she painted my nails. Lauren 🙂


    • Well done Patrick. That is a super sentence using one of our new words!
      Thank you for being the very first pupil to comment on the class blog.


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