Number and Maths

31.05.13 Numbers to One Hundred!

We have been taking a close look at the hundred square. A sound knowledge of the layout and patterns within the hundred square can help lay the foundations for many maths skills.

Have fun with the website below:

24.05.13 Counting on and back in 2’s, 10’s and 5’s.

Pupils will enjoy using this site to count on and back. This skill is the ground work for multiplication. Pupils should learn to complete missing numbers within these sets. For example:
2, 4, 6, ?, 10.
0, 10, 20 ? 40, 50,
10, 8, ?, 4, 2, ?
0, 5, 10, ?, 20, 25

23.04.13 Subtraction
Now that pupils are confident subtracting with cubes and fingers we are progressing to subtracting using a number line or ruler.

We will then expect pupils to begin to mentally subtract by jumping back the number line mentally. This has the advantage that if pupils can work out 7-2=5 mentally they will progress towards knowing that 27-2=25, if they can visualise this part of the number line.

‘Doorwayonline’ is an excellent website and has a fabulous ‘Addition and Subtraction’ section. You will need to help your child into the site as you set the number and type of questions. easy for an adult but tricky for a child. You can even print results if you wish. It is very visual and therefore helps pupils understand the sums.

Subtracting One Song

Subtracting Two Song

The game below will challenge pupils who can already mentally add and subtract with 20. It has a mix of addition and subtraction sums and also has ‘missing number’ sums.

25.03.13 Weight

Pupils will be working with classroom items such as rubbers and pencils and weighing these with scales.

At this stage we are teaching the skill of estimating which item is heavier or lighter. We will use words such as: compare, measure, heavy, light, heaviest, lightest, heavier, lighter.

18.3.13 Subtraction
We will continue to work with coins and money. We are also now working on subtraction.
Please use the language of subtraction at home to help your children with this tricky concept. We will use words such as take, away, minus, less than, less, take from etc.
Use any household items to subtract. Think of word problems and add these to the blog. Here is a real word problem.

We had 18 children in our class but one girl left. How many children do we have now?

18-1=? Can you tell me the answer?

Can you add a subtraction word problem to the blog. Do not put your answer in, perhaps you could answer each others sums?

Some interactive money games online. Have fun.

Counting with pennies. Everyone is good at this game.

Cuddly Toy Sale (Much trickier, start with the camel and work up as skills improve)

Using coins to buy items to 20p

Start with counting to 10p and work your way up.

We are working hard on coins and money. Pupils are confident in counting 1p coins.

P1c money March 2013 (5)

We have been working on making sure that when counting coins we remember a 2p counts as 2, although you only see 1 coin.

P1c money March 2013 (7)

Pupils were initially looking for 3p and 4p coins but most are now confident that you only get 1p, 2p, 5p then 10p and then have to make these other amounts from the coins we have. Pupils are aware of the other coins to £2 but are not working with these yet.

P1c money March 2013 (2)
Please continue to work at home using real coins. Try finding all the different ways to make 2p, 3p, 4p, 5p etc.

P1c money March 2013 (4)

Pupils should also know that we should look for the coin nearest the amount we need. So when making 6p we would realise that 5p is nearest, check it is not bigger than the amount we need, then add on the extra 1p coin.

P1c money March 2013 (6)

P1c money March 2013 (1)

P1c money March 2013 (3)


Do you know your number bonds for 10?


Tally Marks and Bar Charts
We have completed the Little Schools Bird Watch and Big Schools Birdwtach. The pupils have enjoyed looking at the birds and learning the names of birds we see everyday.

This year the main species in school are blackbirds, black headed gulls, carrion crows and rooks. We hope that when we add bird boxes and our orchard grows that we will attract more species of birds.

The RSPB have a good kids website and the children have enjoyed using the site particularly

Homework- please record the number of birds you can see in your garden using tally marks.
Remember the rule after 4 lines-Make a line and close the gate.


tally marks


red riding
We have been learning to tell the time to the hour. We can find the big and small hands. We know that if the big hand points to 12 then it is ‘something’ o’clock. We then check the small hand to see where it is pointing.
We can also read the time on a digital clock, 6 o’clock would be 6:00.
Everyone in class loves this game. It challenges pupils to tell the time to the hour but they must also read the number name: 1=one, 2=two, 3=three etc. all the way to 12, which is quite tricky.
Copy and paste this link into a search engine to play the game.

Watch out Red Riding Hood. Try not to get gobbled up!


P1 love using this song and dance to help count down from 20 to 1.
Make sure you keep looking at the numbers as you watch. Ask an adult to join in!

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